Hiatus: Over?

I took a slightly longer blogging break than I expected, but I’m back!

A few things have changed since 2007 (wow that was a long time ago!) – I’ve finished grad school, got a second cat, moved hundreds of miles, made amazing new friends, turned 30, online dated (ack!) and learned a bunch of new things.

And I figured that, with so much life change, a blog change was in order as well. I am no longer solely focused on my knitting endeavors (although my knitting days are certainly not behind me) and it seemed a knitting-titled blog was no longer inclusive enough.

So here I am – at Stitches & Dishes – which covers most of my activities. Though paint/glue/blood/tears are also occasionally included.

I’m looking forward to the next stages of blogging adventure!


New scenery!



While I’ve never been a very good blogger, it seems as though I’ve gotten substantially worse these past few months. I’m just too overloaded with work and school to be able to keep up with this as well. Instead of feeling bad about it, I’m officially going on break, and will be back when things settle down more. I realize I don’t have a great following or anything, but I don’t want to disappoint those of you who do stop by. I’m still hanging around Ravelry – my name is cherry1123 – and trying to stay sort of up-to-date there.

I’ll be back with more exciting things, and hopefully a Birthday Purse pattern (I haven’t forgotten), as soon as I can.
Thanks so much and see you soon!


I spent most of June in and out of the hospital. I’m just fine, but, as turns out, my dad was not. What seemed as though was going to be a routine cardiac catheterization (with the possibility of angioplasty) ended up resulting in major bypass surgery.
This was a shock, as my father seems to be a fit and active man. Apparently he’s been having (and ignoring) chest pains for at least a year. He’s also been only occasionally checking his blood sugar and taking his diabetes meds. And he decided that an herbal alternative to his cholesterol medications would be a fine substitute, though didn’t have his blood levels re-checked to make sure it was working.

Anyway, this was all shocking for me, who thought he was taking care of himself.
His arteries were 95-99% blocked in five places. The surgeon said he shouldn’t have been alive, let alone mobile.

He came through the surgery well, I took him home a week later and spent another week settling him in and arranging his care before returning home myself.
All this would have been bad enough, but was made exponentially worse by the behavior of some of his close friends. It’s not worth going into here, but let’s just say it’s very frustrating when educated adults act like jealous, petty children. I expected more.
While sitting in hospital waiting rooms, I had time to work on and finish the Clapotis. It’s a blend of reds and pinks, fitting for a cardiac unit. I’m happy with it – the color and size are perfect. The yarn was a little hard to work with, as the 100% wool didn’t like to be dropped, and I had to pick at each stitch to get them to unravel.

I had time a couple of weeks ago to block both the Clapotis and the Print O’ the Wave Stole, which has been finished for months. The Stole is my favorite thing I’ve made up to now. I look at it and realize how much time and work went into this one thing. I didn’t really notice while I was making it, but in hindsight, it was an extremely time and labor intensive project. But so beautiful!

Bad Girls Don’t Have Time

That’s what they say about journaling, and I think it applies to blogging as well. I’ve been busy – with work, school, life, etc., and I’ve been neglecting this space.
I have been knitting. Taking the time to write about what I’m knitting takes time away from the knitting itself, which is usually more important to me. I do, however, like to have my progress documented, and it’s nice to be able to look back at what I’ve done before. I also love to stalk other people’s blogs for advice and inspiration, and I would love to think that others could be inspired by me (that’s assuming anyone other than me reads this, which isn’t always the case…)
But enough about my inability to consistently blog!
I’ve been knitting whenever possible – less than I’d like due to the fact that I’m pretending to have a real life, which includes spending time with other humans and away from the needles. As a single twenty-something, hermiting isn’t necessarily the best idea, and going out is pretty essential. Because I am trying, I’ve found myself in places such as “Necto” which is where frat boys and law students go to prey on barely 18-year-old girls. Not really my favorite place, but potentially the best dancing music in the area, so as long as you can fend off creepy sportcoat-and-pinstriped-fedora-wearing men, it can be a decent time.

Check out the hat action behind me!

My attempt at a social life is also why I found myself coming home from the bar at at 1 AM on Thursday. Again, nice time, but all I really wanted to do was finish the sleeves on Sahara. Flash forward to 3ish and me on the couch finally binding off the last stitches of the left sleeve. Twenty or so minutes of end-weaving and it was officially finished, but so was I – crashed shortly thereafter. This morning (afternoon actually) was for blocking, and photo-taking.

I soaked Sahara in some warm water and Euclean. Don’t mind the “products” lining the counter. My friend and I have a pact (similar to men’s porn pacts) so that if one of us were to die, the other is to go and remove most all of the deceased products, this way we won’t have to be remembered as so girly and self-absorbed.


The water turned a very pretty shade of fuscia

Hand for emphasis

Due to the color leakage, I was afraid to lay Sahara out on a white towel on my white sheets, so I found a big red beach towel. Unfortunately, it sheds like crazy

From the front

And the side


Neckline detail

And, of course, Berkley was there every step of the way.
Actually, he’s helping me right now…