Simple Squares Vintage Sheet Baby Quilt

Vintage Sheet Quilt

Simple Squares Vintage Sheet Baby Quilt

Another friend, another baby, another quilt!

This one was inspired by this quilt from Katie’s Kitchen (as well as a number of other wonderful quilts around the web). It’s for a good friend from high school’s new baby girl. The mom loves all things colorful and vintage, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to combine the two.

I first attempted to scavenge my local Goodwill for sheets, but their selection was very slim (and surprisingly expensive). I next turned to the Internet, and found a great fat quarter set from The Sheet Shop on Etsy. Becky was very helpful in picking out colors, and was kind enough to adapt one of her bundles for me.  I added in yellow and pink solids that I had on hand, and pieced the back with unbleached high-quality muslin.

Quilt Layout

Laying out the quilt

I cut the fabric into 4.5″ squares (to finish at 4″), and laid them out in a 10 x 12 grid.

Rearranging the quilt

Rearranging the quilt

I left them out overnight and my helpers had fun rearranging them for me. Fortunately, I had taken a picture and was able to reassemble them. I have learned the hard way to always take a picture once I’m happy with a layout. It comes in handy when piecing the squares and rows later as well.

Simple Squares Vintage Baby Quilt Back

Quilt Back

The back was pieced with seven rows of muslin interspersed with 1″ rows of the squares. I didn’t have quite enough muslin to cover the back, and the rows of color allowed me to stretch it to fit.

Embroidery Detail

Embroidery Detail

The alternating rows of muslin are embroidered with the baby’s birth date, name, and my initials in a light purple. It’s hard to see from the photos, but the lettering is PreCursive from DaFont, my favorite source for free fonts.

Detail of Initials

Detail of Initials

I also added a pink heart. All of the embroidery was done in a simple running stitch (with the occasional French knot).

Quilting Detail

Quilting Detail

I quilted the whole thing in a simple crosshatch pattern, going through each of the squares. I bound the quilt in the same solid pale pink I used throughout. The finished quilt measures approximately 40″ x 48″, and is on its way to a sweet baby girl in Colorado!

Simple Squares Baby Quilt