One is the Loneliest Number

I may have said it before, but I have a little crush on Eunny Jang (who is about to become the newest editor of IK, congrats!). Before her, I had never felt the need to try colorwork. I also never thought about making mittens, let alone fingerless ones.

But then along comes Eunny with her Endpaper Mitts and suddenly I NEEDED fingerless mittens, fingerless mittens knit in Fair Isle.
And hence my Endpaper Mitt was born. It was so fun to knit – even given my dislike of dpns – and went quickly. It was extremely gratifying with relatively little effort. A perfect project.
There’s just one problem – the pattern is for Endpaper Mitts – plural, as in you need to make more than one in order to not unintentionelly mimic Michael Jackson. Usually, knitting another wouldn’t have been a problem, as the first was so satisfying. Berkley, however, had other plans.

Before I could even finish the thumb on Mitt 1, he stole both balls of yarn, and proceded to wind them around the condo. I eventually retreived the yarn and re-wound the balls, which should have been enough. Unfortuantely, Berkley REALLY liked the yarn. No matter where I hid it, he found it, and I returned home each day to a freshly decorated condo.

In the end, out of busyness and laziness, I gave up. The mangled pile went into the trash upon the arrival of the new roommate (who aparently didn’t find the yarn maze terribly decorative), and the last little bit of purple was locked away.
So the mitt is all alone, but will remain for now if only for bragging rights.